I'm Eric Palmer a photographer from Cape Town & I like shooting big tricks on toy bikes.
If you'd like to get in contact drop a line at adrenalinstar@hotmail.com or 082 697 9946


-all images ©Eric Palmer
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South African BMX


Wayne Reiche

Created Tue 16 Aug 2011 12:24:11 AM SAST | Last change Thu 14 Mar 2013 06:34:38 PM SAST
Wayne Reiche basically just gets shit done, whether it's a stunt, finding & fixing a spot or creating a masterfully
shaped pile of dirt ...he's taken care of it. The latest thing to come
out of his sleeve is this interview for BMeggs,
so lets get to it...

You are like a DIY spot machine ...its refreshing to see someone who will put effort into a crude spot to make it rideable...you always roll with boards/brooms/spades in your car...have you always had this approach to riding? 

-  I think it came about from riding with Albert Retief, there was a stage when we were exploring a lot for new spots.  I know some purists will argue that one should ride a spot as you find it, but I ride for maximum fun output and sometimes a spot just needs a little tweak to be rideable and a sweep or a board can make a lot more tricks available as well.

What frame lengths do you like being  a tall rider? 

- I like a 21 inch top tube with a slackish headangle for handling nice at higher speeds, and a relatively long back end.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how much you love your brakes ? and how do you feel about the brakes vs brakeless dilemma each rider often faces? 

- Without a doubt a 10, they are functional for how I enjoy BMX - Fufanu's and Slides are some of my favorite tricks plus my trails are downhill so it makes sense. Saying that doing a Barspin with no lever in the way is peachy.

How is the gratification of organising a successful halloween jam and what goes into it behind the scenes.  Give us a little taste of what we can expect at this years Halloween jam, are you Scared?

- Just a ton of building, it is slightly out of season so I have to bring a lot of water down and put in some hours. Marcus from OSP organises all the logistics so we are free to just make sure the trails are mint. I am scared of wind ruining an awesome event, otherwise anything that takes place is just part of the day. I have a few surprises in store, there have been talks of a Zip-Line and a Pool, plus I want to maybe organise a Team Comp where you session the trails with a partner.

Do you sometimes still watch Speak the Silence and did it have an impact on the current local scene? Has SA heard the voice or will we see more of you and the CPT crews in local edits and videos?

- Speak the Silence is one of the things that I did that I am truly proud of. Albert and I had no clue what we were doing, I still cringe watching some of it haha, but the riders all pulled together to make it a success. I have some ideas in the pipeline especially with how BMEGGS is going and I have full faith in the younger guys taking over - Werner Hendrich is pushing parts, Jacques Mulder and Kevin Schnider  - both have blogs and are regularly making edits. It may seem small but all these little contributions make scenes strong without people realising. Salvo is also really helping the Cape Town Scene and the OG James Brawn, and of course Eric Palmer.
I'm sure only a hand full of riders can relate to this question, what does it take to keep Gums alive? (If you don't know Gums, you don't know anything)

A lot of love as it does with any spot.

When you started with Gums, was there a clear vision of what you wanted or was it pieced together as you went? 

- Gums started as a natural bump in the field that we just used to roast. We were clueless, but Garth Carnell and John Coetzee pointed us in the correct direction. One learns and refines your skill as time goes on.

What do you say to yourself when you arrive at gum? 

- I just smile

What does GTL stand for (literally & figuratively) & what does it mean to you?

It started as 'Gum Trails Local' but has evolved to 'Gum Trails Life' . It pretty much just stands for living the good outdoor life, appreciating friends and fun times. Always try to extract maximum fun from every situation and be grateful for the good times.

What is the ratio of your building time vs riding at Gums?

- Sometimes it really feels like its 50/50. But to ride you have to build.

Have you ever buried anything at Gums?? 

- Just some unlucky snakes that I have accidentally killed while digging :(

Riding in gale force wind seems to be quite popular in CPT, how do your counter-act the violent effects of wind?

You get some of the Port Elizabeth Transplants to give you lessons.

Tell us some of the funniest, best/worst, most insane things you've seen at Gum Trails while you've been digging or riding ?

- Riding wise I would have to say Francois April's Transfer back in the day, it was massive. I have seen some bad crashes over the years - Snapped Bones, Missing teeth, Seizures, I saw my brother break his neck which was pretty gnarly. Random things - Seeing Roadmasters cleaning a gun, Adriano Ghost Riding a crackheads bike, an failed mugging for my ipod (Spade>Knife), Municipal Tractor getting stuck in our digging pit, Making Water Rockets, Climbing  to the top of the Gum Trees. I may have also accidentally thrown an axe at Albert one time (Sorry Dude)

If you could build trails with beach sand would you live on the beach?

-  I am a mountains, lakes and forests kinda guy but a holiday house with jumps would go down a treat.

The gum scene seems to be flourishing at the moment with new kids helping with building...you must be psyched…?

-  I am fizzing on the scene, young blood putting in the building hours and reaping the rewards. Young James is leading the charge but a lot more guys are pulling their weight. They push each other to progress.

What are your thoughts on the people who make themselves scarce when its digging season...and down the trails everyday when they ready to ride ?

-  Shame on You! We have got a bit stricter in the last year or two. I don't want bad vibes at the trails but I almost see it as stealing from my time I could have rather riding. An odd session here or there is fine, but prepare to be vibed if you not contributing regularly. I have a pretty detailed mental "Rent Book" haha

Its important to braai at the trails because ...??

Because making fires is awesome for a start. Its good for morale and theres nothing like a Boerie Roll with Jimmy's sauce to keep one going.

Pegs or no pegs?

-Trails no Rails haha

Where's the best place that BMX has taken you and why?

- A block down the road to Gums, It sparked the passion. I have been Lucky enough to explore South Africa pretty intensely and my time riding English Trails was also amazing.

Over the years a number of riders have stood out in the SA scene as individuals and key people who made things happen. For me though there is another group of people who stand out that dont necessarily get the credit they deserve. These people are the BMX families. Over the last 10 years two families stand out that have had a real impact on the SA scene. They are the Siebers family, and your family the Reiche's. Its one thing for a rider to be passionate about BMX and to support it 100%, but its another story when a family (Mom, Dad, Siblings) who don't ride or have any vested interest in it embrace it with just as much support. No matter where you were from in SA, if you were a BMXer on a road trip to Cape Town you could always be sure that there was a place to crash at the Reiche's. You family welcomed scores of people into their home, most of whom were complete strangers to them. I have personally stayed at your house with as many as 11 other people for days at a time, and your family always went out of their way to accommodate everyone and always made them feel welcome. Have you ever paid much though to how big an impact your family has had on the BMX scene in SA? And do you think they realise themselves? ( Jon Sherwood)

Thanks, I have never thought of it and I don't think my family have ever thought about it either . I have always been helped out on the road since day one and its just what should be done, especially in a small community like SA.  I have been blessed with a family who have always supported me, I think my dad was more amped than me when I learnt backflips and frontflips haha. You get what you give - So give good.
Who, of all the Cape Town O.G.'s, would you like to see get back into riding full time?

Life makes it tough for everyone to ride as much as we all used to. I still love getting to ride with Nigel and Fran every now and again. I would love Clemi to be healthy and shredding again.

Who's the best pool player on your home table?

- 50/50 between me and Pieter Retief

Who are your favorite dubstep producers ?

- Man, I hate dubstep with a passion, but each to their own. The only guy I know is Glamour Killface and even he has to wear soundproof earphones while "Making Music" in my room.

Best viral youtube video ?

My favorite is this - Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll - because I still feel like this. There are way too many gems to put up but - The Ultimate Drunk People Compilation Video Ever!!!
Why did you get stabbed in the neck with a bottle on the via the backroads tour ?

I was the target of some crazy redneck on drugs who just snapped for no reason. Wrong place at the wrong time. It was scary when it happened but the boys had my back.

Are the rumours true that you are quite a sought after Cape Town bachelor?

- I am unable to comment on this, but any pretty ladies reading this who like a bearded, usually scarred, dirt-ridden male who will pay more love to his bike than you. Hit me up on 072 178 ….

Do you think The Riot video will ever come out? (Greg Illingworth)

Of course, One Day haha

Is Malcolm Peters a robot?

- Yes, I have a theory that Malcolm messes up on purpose to make us think he is human.

Give us 5 pet peeves?

Throttle Grip, Cigarettes,  Loose Headsets,  People who stop your fun for the mere fact that you are having more fun than them, Brakes that don't work

Do you believe in party hard, ride hard? 

- Yes

The party doesnt stop until??

- The twins tell you to calm down - because then you know you are out of control haha

Please explain who Snowbell is and how it came about, how many whiskeys does it take for snowbell to come out and what are the warning signs he is coming? (for future reference to snowbell enthusiasts)

He is my drunk alter ego and has a lot of energy, Brendon Jacobs named him. I think 4 double mcQueens and you will see him slowly creeping out. He is more focused, louder, stronger and way more energetic than me. A tell tale sign that he is there is that he starts picking up anything in sight.

At the Riot Jam 10 did you purposefully drop Greg Illingworth off your shoulders while partying the night before the comp, in an attempt to stop him from competing the next day?

-  I cannot be held accountable for Snowbell's actions. Greg Destroyed Anyway!!

Who has influenced your riding since day one, on a local and international level?

Francois April, Nigel Morta and Tyrone Bradley locally and then Josh Stricker, Inman, Joe Rich and a million more

Run us through your best and worse moment in bmx?

- Worst moment was hitting my head doing demos in Dubai and having Convulsions, Scariest moment of my life, I honestly thought I was dying. Best Moment would have to be going in a train with Mike Aitken and Chase Hawk at Gums. The trails were mint that day and those 2 dudes are amazing!

Being part of The Riot, DC and Iron Fist, if I gave you the opportunity to form a team and take them on tour, who will it be and where will you go. Open budget!

Firstly want to say thanks to those guys for helping me so much over the years. I would take the Retief Brothers - No one hustles like them, Stephen Savage and Buddy Chellan - We have been on a lot of Roadtrips together and its always good times, Colin Loudon - We like a lot of the same tricks, lines and party stunts, Greg Illingworth - For his ability to destroy anything put in front of him, Malcolm Peters - In case times got tough and we needed to do stunts for money, Eric Palmer - To Capture the Goodness. I would love a trip exploring New Zealand.
13:What gives you more satisfaction?
a) Beating someone in pool after drinking 10 whiskeys, especially if they bought their own pool cue?

b) A sunset trails session after weeks of building?

c) Being able to ride away from a trick done at the crustiest \ worst spot?  

I would have to say c leading into b and then a all in one day

A toasted sandwich at the Loudon residence contains copious amounts of??

- Cheese and Mayo

What are your thoughts on Cape Town and how the riders and skaters seem to still do well in most comps and get decent exposure even though it has the least amount of parks or industry money?  and joined to that... How do you think the Cape Town scene would be if the Canal Walk park was still around??

- I think love of riding is more of a factor than what you have to ride. It sure is nice to have a decent park but nothing is stopping a rider from building his own stuff or learning every single trick on flat ground. A perfect example of this is Malcolm Peters - Malcolm comes from Gordon's Bay which has nothing but it hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the best riders in this country. I think Canal Walk would have definitely helped with progression and getting more kids into riding and keeping them stoked. I miss that park but a single skatepark can't be the only reason you ride.

As a young rider one wants to be the best and do the craziest tricks, how has your riding progressed or shaped over the last 12 years? What was the best period and why, and is there any advice you can give the young guys so they can make sure their future of riding is more enjoyable?

Its definitely changed, I find myself doing much less tricks and just riding more challenging setups. I like to do simple tricks now but just do them properly or push them on bigger things, I still love a little Huckfest every now and then haha. I love this period of my riding, I know why I am riding and I like seeing the new wave of young guns coming up.  My advice would be wear pads and not to complain - If your scene sucks, its because of you, make things happen!

Please tell us more about the days when Francois April was doing crazy drops and Nigel Morta was doing rails no one would look at today. Are the kids today riding like those guys did back in the day?

- I have so much respect for those guys, a lot of people will never know how much crazy stuff they did, and I think they almost want it like that. I don't expect anyone to charge like those guys did but I know Greg Illingworth is always pushing!!