I'm Eric Palmer a photographer from Cape Town & I like shooting big tricks on toy bikes.
If you'd like to get in contact drop a line at adrenalinstar@hotmail.com or 082 697 9946


-all images ©Eric Palmer
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South African BMX


The Ditches Riches

Created Mon 28 Mar 2011 02:31:10 PM SAST | Last change Tue 15 May 2012 12:52:47 PM SAST
Mr. Loudon stayed in CT for a while around the Ultimate Eggs & a Ditch mission was in order. Wayne, Colin, Werner & I made the early mission into the middle of nowhere to sample some of the Ditches goodness.

The big wallride bridge was dry & had some debris from the railings of the bridge in the way after a car hit it, but nothing a bit of labour couldn't sort out. We went to go & have a look at what the rest of this gem was looking like. The nicest section was under a little bit of water, so Wern & Wayne grabbed brooms & got to sweeping. Colin & I grabbed the spades & tried to find a softish patch of dirt to make little dams to keep the water out. We went straight back to the bridge to sort that out while the other section dried. Dead crows, saving frogs, concrete carnage & slippery slime removal had us going back to see how our dams were doing... success! It was looking fresh for a sesh!

The pictures pretty much tell the rest of the story, but what I'd like to add is something the pics don't show very well. The walls of that ditch are like super rough sandpaper up top & get more stony & like a rasp at the bottom. This leaves very little room for error, that didn't stop Wayne from lacing a flair on this rugged beast. He did well to come away with a few grazes & burns & his new gloves looked like nice expensive lace afterwords. More than worth it! After that the wallride was not necessary, but look forward to getting to it on our next visit!
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